X•Press LeadMobile

The X•Press LeadMobile is a wireless, handheld device that gives exhibitors maximum mobility when capturing leads. The easy-to-use device scans badges, uploads leads and provides instant reporting. Like all X•Press Leads equipment, exhibitors can add custom qualifiers.

XPress LeadMobile

X•Press LeadMobile benefits:

  1. Easy-to-use interface
  2. Ability to add notes electronically
  3. Handheld and portable to scan badges anywhere, not just the booth
  4. 20 standard sales lead qualifiers
  5. Custom qualifiers available
  6. Leads can be accessed from the X•Press Leads online lead management web site


Optional Bluetooth Printer

The handheld X•Press LeadMobile+ is our most comprehensive lead retrieval solution. The convenience and power of a handheld device is coupled with the comfort of instant lead printouts.

LeadMobile Bluetooth Printer

X•Press LeadMobile Printer benefits:

  1. Bluetooth printer—no cables or cords
  2. Instant reporting
  3. Prints complete contact and demographic information
  4. Connect to printer from up to 15 feet away
  5. Unlimited paper supply

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