X•Press VIP Evite

The X•Press VIP Evite is a win/win opportunity for both show management and exhibitors. Exhibitors are given a unique promotional code to distribute to their top prospects and customers allowing them to register online and attend the event at a discounted rate. The personalized invitation to register from a familiar vendor is an effective call-to-action.

VIP Evite Stats

X•Press VIP Evite benefits:

  1. Eliminates the need for hard copy invitations
  2. Promotes online registration
  3. Increases event registration without additional marketing
  4. Exhibitors promote event through distribution of invitations
  5. Allows exhibitors to track responses through an online administration area
  6. Allows event managers to track responses, add promotions and issue additional invites to exhibitors
  7. Increases ROI for exhibitors


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