Real-time Graphical Reporting

Access to accurate and comprehensive data is crucial to understanding all aspects of your event. Convention Data Services’ online reporting gives you 24/7 access to your event data. Change the content and appearance of predefined reports and then save, share and schedule them for email delivery. 3D graphs produce a fast, visual understanding of report results that can be exported for post-event meetings, exhibitor sales or wherever data needs to be presented clearly. Convention Data Services also provides an in-depth post-event report package, leads analysis tools, email campaign reports and web site traffic statistics.

Real-time, graphical reporting

Online Reports

X•Press Reports gives you online access to a broad list of predefined reports as well as to our Report Builder application. Users can add and rearrange columns in predefined reports to customize the format and results of the report. In the Report Builder, users have a nearly unlimited ability to design reports by selecting fields directly from the database tables. Both applications allow the user to save reports, share them with other users and schedule them for email delivery to multiple recipients.


X•Press Reports benefits:

  1. Results can be printed or exported in a variety of formats
  2. Reports can be scheduled for delivery to multiple recipients via email
  3. Reports can be saved and shared with other users
  4. Report columns can be added, removed and rearranged
  5. 3D graphs provide a clear visual picture of your event data
  6. Select different operators including equals, contains, starts with, etc.
  7. All selected columns show the data dynamically—no IDs, codes or keys
  8. Users can set parameters and filters
  9. Create summary reports

Mobile eReports

X•Press eReports gives you mobile access to CDS’ industry leading event reporting system—X•Press Reports. eReports is ideal for retrieving your event’s vital statistics on the go. Get quick updates when you are on the show floor, in a meeting or while traveling.

eReports runs in a browser on any web-enabled phone, but is best when viewed on smart-phones with larger screens. The information is drawn real-time from the event database allowing you to get accurate numbers even while onsite registration is in progress.

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