Inquiry Page

Sign up this year’s attendees for next year’s event while the excitement from the show is fresh in their minds. Gather information on exhibitors who wish to attend next year’s event. X•Press Inquiry collects contact information from qualified and interested people, creating a prospect list before registration opens.

X•Press Inquiry benefits:

  1. Collect a list of fully qualified people before registration opens
  2. Register this year’s attendees for next year’s event
  3. Build a year-round relationship with attendees, exhibitors and prospects
  4. Send special invitations to inquiry prospects
  5. Pre-populate registration forms to expedite the process

Mobile Inquiry Page

The X•Press Mobile Inquiry gives this year’s attendees an easy and quick way to sign up for next year’s event from any web-enabled phone. Attendees initiate the inquiry process by scanning a QR code onsite, in event literature, email campaigns or virtually any avenue where attendees are exposed to your event brand. The QR codes open a mobile web page that requests either the attendee’s badge ID or basic contact information.

When registration opens the following year, the people in the inquiry table are contacted with a personalize email and link to online event registration where their contact information is prefilled in the form. It’s an easy process to complete registration and sign-up for the event.

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