Social Networking

Build a community around your event by giving attendees and exhibitors the ability to network before, during and after the show. X•Press Networking users can search for specific registrants or organizations as well as profile registrants with similar interests, employment and demographics. This application allows users to communicate via email or phone text and schedule onsite meetings.

X•Press Networking benefits:

  1. Promote year-round communication
  2. Increase exposure for exhibitors
  3. Stimulate and increase attendee and exhibitor interaction
  4. Provide statistics to attract additional attendees and exhibitors
  5. Maximize attendee’s networking time at the event
  6. Define groups for targeted marketing and email campaigns
  7. Track usage and generate show metrics

Social Networking has become an integral part of many events. In addition to X•Press Networking, Convention Data Services partners with other vendors who offer networking and portal tools to enhance the overall attendee and exhibitor experience and promote a year-round event community.

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