Text Messaging

CDS’ text messaging service delivers instant communication between show management and attendees. Use the power of attendees’ mobile devices to deliver up-to-the-minute information and bring customer service to new heights with live responses to onsite inquiries.

The text messaging service has two components: Conversations and Alerts. Conversations happen live between an attendee and an event representative. Alerts allow show management to send messages and alerts to groups of people that they define.


Conversations are one-to-one correspondence between attendees and event representatives. Attendees text questions to the event management team using a number displayed throughout the venue and distributed with event materials. Event representatives respond to text messages using a web-based interface that tracks, categorizes and archives all text messages from the event.

See the videos on how to use text Conversations at http://guestassist.net/demos/cds/.


Show management can define groups and then send messages out to all group members simultaneously. Announcements, changes in schedules and locations, updates and notifications can be sent to targeted groups in real-time alerting them to important and relevant information.



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