Becky Hansen


Becky Hansen

Executive Vice President of Event Services

In her current role at CDS, Becky oversees and is responsible for all areas related to registration, including: the registration managers and coordinators, the Contact Center, onsite event staff, and badge production and shipping. Becky’s experience with project management combined with her sales background provides her with a unique perspective in client services.

Becky began her relationship with CDS six years ago. Prior to that, as Director of IT and Client Implementation for Travel Planners in New York City, she led a team that was responsible for new client’s events. She and her team worked closely with Convention Data Services as a registration partner, to ensure a seamless integration for events. Becky also acted as a liaison between sales and IT for web and system customizations and enhancements, where she utilized her extensive hardware and software project management experience.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to cook. My husband and I make a point of frequently buying something we have never cooked before when we grocery shop, and then we try to find the best recipe. It turns out brussel sprouts are delicious, and cassava, not so much

What was your best vacation and why?

Each year I try to spend at least a week, preferably more, in the Outer Banks of NC. There is nothing there but ocean and sand and restaurants. Very good way to unplug and recharge myself.

What do you like best about your job?

I love helping clients find an easier way to accomplish their goals, then stepping out of the way.