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Security and safety have become a great concern for show managers and venues. Conferences and expos are considered “soft targets” and need to address vulnerabilities as a top priority. Many articles about security at events are getting published, including a recent piece by IAEE President and CEO David DuBois in TSNN introducing a new industry-wide security initiative. CDS is supporting these efforts by rolling out products and services that increase security like our new Photo Identification Badges.

The image on the badge quickly identifies the person wearing the credentials to other attendees, show staff, and security personnel. In addition to the photograph, other information traditionally found on badges further confirms an individual’s identity. Photo ID Badges can be used on a limited basis to identify specific attendee types that may need greater access to restricted areas like speakers or the press.

CDS successfully launched Photo Badges at events earlier this year and has had the opportunity to streamline the product. Attendees can upload their pictures during advanced registration or have their picture taken onsite at a manned station before the badge is printed. Registration staff lookup the attendee in the event database; take their picture using a portable, high resolution camera sitting at the counter; the badge is printed; and given to the attendee. The clear, full-color picture is displayed prominently on the badge and acts as an onsite photo id.

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Becky Hansen, EVP of Event Services

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  1. Scott

    November 10, 2016

    You make really good points on the importance of security badges. I agree that having a badge with a photo ID would help identify people who are not supposed to be at the event. I would imagine that having increased security would be important to events that are private or that contain private information.