Sponsorship is an important aspect of event promotion for both show managers and exhibitors. The event gains exposure to new prospects, while sponsors build credibility and reach by partnering with the event brand. Technology has ushered in new sponsoring opportunities that allow exhibitors to reach prospects throughout the event cycle and for show managers to control and analyze sponsorship performance.

Sponsor promotion can take many different forms, from online banner advertisements to onsite signage. As the technology landscape changes, so do the opportunities that you can offer exhibitors. Identifying the options that appeal to different sponsors is a year-to-year challenge. Taking a consultative approach with your exhibitors and asking about their goals and needs will help you create a comprehensive program that satisfies all participants, keeps your offerings current, and increases this important revenue source.

CDS has incorporated areas for sponsorships in many of our products and event communications. Work with your Account Executive to create effective sponsorships that leverage:

  • Registration emails—confirmations, onsite check-in, receipts, etc.
  • Online attendee tools—registration website, resource centers, self-check-in, etc. .
  • Badges and Holders.
  • Cyber Cafes and onsite workstations.
  • Post-event–thank you emails, Exhibit Tracker, inquiry page, etc. .
  • Event Guide Apps.
  • Text Messaging.

The CDS Sponsorship Tip Sheet is available as a PDF on our website and contains great suggestions for new sponsorship opportunities. For more information about sponsorship programs and to learn what other events have used successfully, contact your Account Executive.

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