CDS Insights


Analytics for On-the-Fly Decisions

The right decisions are based on facts and data. When situations demand quick action, how are you able to incorporate data analysis into your decision-making? And what data specifically can help shed light on the direction you should take? Having accurate and appropriate data at your fingertips allows you to make good decisions quickly.

The CDS Data Sense business intelligence platform has dashboards of pre-defined data sets that provide insight into all registration and support activities. The data is available in real-time to support decision-making and immediately see the results of your actions as they take effect.

The dashboards cover different, and specific aspects of your event. The Performance dashboard shows all sides of your registration numbers and profiles of your registrants. The new Coronavirus dashboard shows registration numbers, cancellations, and prior year comparisons. The enhanced Contact Center dashboard shows which topics are of most concern to your event audience.

Each dashboard can be filtered to pinpoint specific attendee types, regions, or demographic similarities. Revenue figures in each dashboard show the financial state of event registration which can be compared to previous years or other events across a portfolio.

More than ever, it is important to understand your data in order to make fast, sound decisions. The data also holds the answer to what impact your actions have on your audience. Data Sense is designed to provide the analysis needed for leadership during these critical times. For more information about Data Sense and its dashboards, contact your Account Executive.