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Marketing to Attendees Based on Their Behavior in the Exhibit Hall

If you are like most event marketers, you are probably defining many of your marketing campaigns around demographic profiles. It might be based on primary industry, job title, region, number of times attended—the list goes on and on.

How about marketing to attendee prospects based on their past behavior in the hall?

CDS has recently linked lead retrieval data—scans of attendee badges by exhibitors onsite—to registrant profiles in Data Sense®. This means that in addition to demographics, you can rate potential prospects based on how active they were in the exhibit hall.

For example, if you know a registrant was scanned at ten or more booths, you may want to market to that person differently than someone who was just scanned once. You can run a campaign to highlight the upcoming event’s action-packed show floor and call out the number of new exhibiting companies or how many are in the attendee’s primary market.

If you’re looking to make the most of your marketing budget, combine scan data with alumni data to find your most engaged prospects.

How about people that aren’t that active on the floor? That’s important data to track as well, and now it’s easy to see. The graph below compares registrants that scanned just once, year-over-year, showing you how many such registrants there are, and when they registered.

Data Sense also allows you to identify prior attendees who are not very active in the exhibit hall. The following graph shows the number of registrants who were scanned only once per event over a span of several event years.