CDS Insights


The Big Picture

Great news—you now have all the data you’ve ever wanted right at your fingertips! The bad news—that’s a whole lot of data!

The big challenge with big data is finding insights—hopefully ones that are relevant and meaningful enough to spark real change or drive better decisions. This dilemma is what led CDS to develop our Performance Dashboard.

The Performance Dashboard compares your event to previous events across registration categories, items/revenue, demographic answers, and geographic locations. It’s designed to show you exactly how your show is performing compared to previous years.

Different visualizations are used to make sure the insights stand out. For example, the graph below shows a weekly registration analysis. Green means the current year is up versus that previous event and red means down. Instead of squinting your eyes and trying to compare two sets of numbers you can see how you are performing each week at a glance.

To help generate readily understandable analytics, Data Sense® incorporates machine learning. Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that learns from data to build analytical models, identify patterns, and predict outcomes with minimal user input.

We’ve incorporated machine learning into Data Sense in three primary ways:

  1. Forecasting using historical data and current performance generates a real-time prediction of where you will end up.

  2. Analysis summaries written to highlight key assessments.
  3. Insight Miner add-on uncovers hidden insights for specific data sets. After you select a data set, Data Sense displays a new window where natural language insights are displayed.