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Do You Remember … the Second Week of September?

The second week of September marked a special milestone for CDS, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the incredible accomplishments that occurred. Three of our largest fall events all opened on the same day, and we had five total events onsite for the week.  

The numbers of what we produced are staggering, and this was made possible by the outstanding efforts of our team members who worked tirelessly to ensure every detail was perfect. 

Let’s break down some of the numbers to appreciate the sheer scale of what we accomplished: 

  • 47 CDS team members were deployed to locations in Las Vegas, Chicago, Nashville, and Philadelphia, supported by an army of temp staff 
  • We set up 171 computer workstations to facilitate operations 
  • A staggering 200 badge printers were deployed to handle the demand 
  • 118 Scan & Go devices were utilized 
  • We shipped, inventoried, and packed 625 cases of equipment and materials – a logistical feat in itself
  • A whopping 37,353 payments were processed 
  • 68,005 promo codes were used during registration 
  • Our team developed, tested, and deployed 20 onsite pages  
  • More than 100,000 badges were printed onsite

Our Exhibitor Services teams serviced 3,250 exhibitors, and we deployed over 107,000 apps or devices, ensuring the success of our events. 

Check out a recap of this week by the numbers in this video:

What these numbers don’t fully capture is the immense effort and dedication of nearly 200 CDS team members who work behind the scenes. From logistics to web development, registration management to product support, our entire team plays a pivotal role in making every interaction and event exceptional. 

 At CDS, our greatest strength has always been our people. While this moment marks a significant milestone, it’s just one step on our journey to showcase the capabilities of our staff to be extensions of your teams. The future is undoubtedly bright at CDS, and I’m excited to see the remarkable feats we’ll continue to achieve together. 

Darren Phalen, President of CDS


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