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Getting the Most Out of Your Event Data

Event analytics can improve decision making, cut costs, and help identify new opportunities.  The struggle for most show organizers is knowing what to do with all the data that they’re collecting.  To help you get the most out of your data, here are our top tips for driving event success.

Know your goals

We know that collecting and understanding event data can be overwhelming.  Before diving into your analytics, identify your organization’s big-picture objectives.  Having these goals in mind allows you to pinpoint specific registration patterns and develop micro-segmented marketing programs that help grow your event.

 Data Sense® Pro Tip: Set up custom bookmarks so you can easily save and retrieve your custom data sets

Monitor, monitor, monitor

So you’re collecting event data… now what?  Keeping an active eye on your incoming data enables you to make real-time business decisions.  By monitoring your analytics, you can quickly discover patterns and see predictions of your event’s performance over a variety of key metrics and then take action where needed!

 Data Sense® Pro Tip: Identify trends in attendance numbers, revenue, and item sales, and attendee profiles using the Performance Dashboard

Leverage your alumni

You already have a loyal fanbase at your disposal—your alumni!  Segment alumni data to visualize their spend and facilitate targeted marketing campaigns.  Having a better understanding of how your repeat attendees interact and experience your event will keep them coming back year after year.

 Data Sense® Pro Tip: The Alumni Dashboard makes it easy to accurately track and analyze YOY data on returning attendees

Maximize exhibitor reach

The companies exhibiting at your event are some of your best advocates.  Providing exhibitors with the right data and tools makes it easy for them to extend invites to their customers which in turn builds event attendance and increases booth traffic.

 Data Sense® Pro Tip: Help your exhibitors validate their event success through Exhibitor Invitation Program reporting

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