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Introducing Reg Admin V12: Elevating Your Registration Management Experience 

You understand that making your events run like clockwork takes some serious magic, and that the right tools can do the trick in creating efficient processes. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Reg Admin V12, the latest version of CDS’ registration management software. Let’s dive into the exciting features of Reg Admin V12 and highlight how it sets itself apart from its predecessor, Reg Admin V10.6. 

New Look, No Fuss

One of the first things you’ll notice about Reg Admin V12 is its fresh new look.

But V12 isn’t just a pretty (inter)face; the user experience has been upgraded, too. Say goodbye to multiple clicks to drill down or having to page hop–V12 keeps everything on one screen with an intuitive left-hand navigation bar. So, you spend less time figuring out where things are and more time getting things done. 

Search Like a Boss

Reg Admin V12’s powerful new top search fields help you filter and narrow down your searches, pronto. Paginated lookup results mean you can have more data at your fingertips. 

Plus, V12’s enhanced Exhibitor Company lookup feature lets you easily find exhibitor information by booth number, enabling smoother interactions with your exhibitors.  

Making and looking up payments and handling refunds remain as reliable as before, maintaining consistency and familiarity in these critical aspects of event management. 

Customize Data Entry and Bypass Demos

Every event is unique, and so are the data requirements for each registration class. Reg Admin V12 enables data entry screens to be configured to display only the fields that are relevant and required for each registration class. This ensures a clutter-free experience for your users, making the registration process smoother and more user-friendly. 

We know you’re all about efficiency, and so is V12. You can work with your registration manager to set up the fields and bypass features you want for your event. Once configured, Tap the Bypass Demos button, and boom! Fields auto-fill with “ZZ-No Response,” helping you zip through page testing like a pro. 

Animated GIF showing how the Bypass Demos button works

Promo Codes, Revamped

Promo codes can be a game changer when it comes to driving registrations, and we’ve given them a makeover in V12. Instead of being tucked away with event information, promo codes are now integrated more logically with Items. The enhanced promo code manager now includes top search fields and filterable lists, plus valuable info such as available seats and time limits all in one place. The easy search, selection, and implementation of the features helps keep your process efficient and speedy. 

Reg Admin V12 animated gif showing how to filter item codes and update the quota

Upgraded Email Confirmations 

Communication is key, especially when it comes to event registration. Reg Admin V12 enhances email confirmation management by offering options to send confirmations to alternative email addresses via CC, BCC, and even attach files, such as receipts and emails.  

And, with V12, email confirmations are no longer tied to a registration class, so if a class gets cancelled, you can work with your Registration Manager to add a new email confirmation type. This ensures that your attendees and exhibitors receive the information they need with the flexibility you prefer. 

More Data Views, More Power

In Reg Admin V12, data views are your window into insightful analytics. Client feedback led us to incorporate this new feature into Reg Admin v12 – the ability to see stored event data like your membership file, the names of those that inquired about the event, and even previous year exhibitor booth staff.  Insight into fields can help you, your team, and onsite staff answer questions from potential registrants, providing historical context for better customer interactions.

Screenshot of RegAdmin V12 Data View

Streamlined Dupe Checking 

Nobody likes copycats, especially not in registrations. V12 helps you maintain accurate registration data by enabling you to expand the default settings and customize duplicate check parameters per event, reducing the chances of duplicate entries to support the integrity of your registration database. 

Duly Noted (and Attached)

Keeping comprehensive records is crucial for the success of your event. Reg Admin V12 introduces expanded notes, giving you the ability to save notes with more than 10,000 characters for each record and also attach files. Whether it’s a canceled registration with relevant documentation or additional information about a registrant, your entire team can easily access and add important details.

Seamless Transition and Compatibility 

Switching to Reg Admin V12 doesn’t mean leaving behind your previous data. The software is backward compatible, meaning records entered in V12 will also appear in V10.6. And while notes don’t follow you into V10.6, everything else does. The real excitement, however, lies in the exclusive features of V12, such as taxation and specific payment services/APIs that are designed to elevate your event management capabilities. 

Smooth Operator Onsite 

Reg Admin V12 extends its capabilities to improved onsite management. Features have been added to improve processes for Onsite Service Managers (OSMs) and temp staff. Setting up printer queues, assigning workstations, and other onsite tasks become more manageable and efficient, contributing to a smooth event execution. 

Comprehensive Training and Support 

We’re committed to ensuring that you make the most of Reg Admin V12. Comprehensive training sessions will be available for all clients from October to December to cover every aspect of the software and answer your questions. Your registration manager is also trained to be a resource and guide you through the transition to V12. Rest assured, CDS staff will equip you with the skills you need to navigate these enhanced features seamlessly. 

Sign up for one of our trainings here: Fall 2023 Reg Admin V12 Lunch & Learns.

Summing it up 

With its modern interface, intuitive navigation, powerful search and lookup, customizable data entry, improved promo code management, and numerous other features, Reg Admin V12 is the next step forward in registration management technology. It will empower your team to handle registrations more quickly and efficiently than ever before, so you have more time to focus on what you do best: creating amazing events.