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Make the Right Call

Every organization strives to give their event audience comprehensive information about the event. Despite best efforts to prioritize and present this information, there are times questions arise when attendees are compelled to seek a personal response. Fine tuning your manned chat, email and call centers can be the best solution for decreasing personal requests and understanding what’s on the mind of your attendees.

In 2019, CDS rolled out the Contact Center Dashboard in Data Sense. The tool became so popular among Contact Center clients that a new and expanded version was quickly put in the works. As of February 2020, version 2 of the Contact Center Dashboard is live to events using the Contact Center.

All the features of the original dashboard have been retained in version 2 and additional widgets and historical data have been added. To help organize the dashboard, the widgets are spread across three tabs: stats, topics and historical. Brought over from version 1, the stats tab includes widgets for service level measurements, key performance indicators (KPIs) and weekly call volume.

The new topics tab gives detail on which subjects are most active in your event audience. A pie chart shows the total for all contact topics with the ability to explore each topic individually. Topics are also broken down by day allowing you to identify trends as you move through the event cycle. Rosters are generated based on topic allowing you to follow up on specific situations.

The historical tab shows how the support you provide has changed from event-to-event as well as on a weekly basis. Contact traditionally increases as the event draws near but are you able to decrease the total number of requests annually? Comparing data to previous years, looking for topic trends and refining your event message will have an impact on your number of individual contact requests.

For more information on the new version of the Data Sense Contact Center Dashboard, contact your Account Executive.