CDS Insights


Tech Talk: Bridge Release


On January 22, 2024, CDS deployed a Bridge release, addressing various bugs and introducing essential enhancements to improve our API functionality and logging capabilities. We encourage you to share these highlights with your tech team:  


  • Set the maximum record limit to 10,000 for improved API performance.
  •  Updated legacy bridge to send logs to Azure for enhanced monitoring and analysis.
  •  Introduced a new API, “GetDeletedOrders,” providing clients and third parties with information on all deleted orders by order number.
  •  Enhanced the existing API “GetRegistrants” by adding a new order number field for more comprehensive order details.
  •  Added a “Note” property to the account API for improved information tracking.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues with item dates and prices in the “GetRegistrationItems”
  • Fixed the GDPR opt-in issue by updating the Data Bridge, ensuring that the GDPR In tab SS International no longer overrides the GDPROPTIN field in tab reg.