Data Sense®


Visualize Your Strategy for Success


Data Sense, our business intelligence tool for real decisions, allows you to uncover registration patterns and develop micro-segmented marketing programs that help grow your event.

Data Sense Benefits

  • Determine exactly how your event is trending compared to previous years across a variety of different indicators, including attendance numbers, exhibiting companies, revenue, demographic answers, and geographic locations.
  • Use predictive analytics to forecast attendance and budgets.
  • Quickly identify segments where attendance is down and generate a list of previous attendees and exhibitors within that segment who have not yet registered.
  • Identify alumni who have not yet registering, factoring in number of past events attended and amounts spent per event.
  • Import your buyer personas directly into Data Sense to track marketing effectiveness.
  • Integrate directly with Salesforce, Google Analytics, Netsuite, Hubspot, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, MailChimp, and many more, allowing you combine data from multiple sources with unrivaled ease.
  • Analyze data based on any field you have ever collected by having the ability to filter every registration field.


Specialty Dashboards

Alumni Dashboard
Show managers can accurately track and analyze year-over-year data on their event’s previous attendees. Data can be segmented to create targeted marketing campaigns using lists exported from the dashboard and to identify alumni attendance trends.

Lead Retrieval Dashboard
The lead retrieval dashboard is a comprehensive, event-to-event view of exhibitor activity, providing an understanding of the hall and arming show managers with information to increase sales. Using the dashboard, show managers can drill-down, filter, and sort lead results by hall, product categories, aisle, booth and exhibitor.

Contact Center Dashboard
Weekly reports are available online in Data Sense. Service measurements, key performance indicators, and FAQ topic charts are brought together in a comprehensive view of your Contact Center services.

Performance Dashboard
Discover trends and see predictions of your event’s performance over a variety of key metrics. Identify trends in attendance numbers, revenue, and item sales, as well as attendee profiles using demographics and geography.


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