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For Show Managers

Exhibit Hall and Event Success Go Hand In Hand

CDS understands that your exhibitors’ success and the overall success of your event go hand-in-hand. Our decades of experience with exhibit managers and contact with millions of exhibitors is the foundation for our XPress Leads program.

interior_officeThe program is built to increase qualified prospects at the show, expand and extend networking opportunities, and give exhibitors a highly productive on-site experience. Extensive exhibitor information is brought together for show management with analytics that quantify individual and overall exhibitor performance to drive booth sales and exhibit hall enhancements.

Lead Retrieval

Our portfolio of exhibitor tools has grown over the years, but lead collection remains the primary goal of exhibitors. CDS has always been proud to set the standard in lead retrieval, and our latest generation of products is continually two steps ahead of the competition.

CDS’ lead retrieval options are built on our XPress Connect software platform that is available to exhibitors as a native app for their phone, preloaded on one of our phones or with a scanner to run on their laptop.


Connect App – With each release of the Connect App, CDS rolls out industry-first features like automatic follow-up, appointment scheduling, VIP identification and audio notes to name only a few. Since its introduction as the first lead retrieval app in the industry, the Connect App still dominates the competition on features, ease of use and exhibitor satisfaction.

Connect Plus – We took the top mobile lead retrieval features and loaded them on lightning fast, big screen Android phones. These devices encompass all previous handheld options and a slew of new mobile features including a mini Bluetooth printer and real-time remote leads.

Connect Elite – The lines between laptops and tablets are starting to blur, we covered all bases by packaging Connect for exhibitor’s computers as well. The software has all the features of the app and comes with a USB scanner for easy lead collection.

A Better Understanding

Our real-time exhibitor reports and lead retrieval dashboard chart the most important exhibitor, staff and expo floor data detailing individual and total exhibitor ROI. The dashboard visually displays every aspect of exhibitor activity using lead retrieval scan data. Aisle traffic, scans by date, time and exhibitor, as well as year-over-year comparisons show your event growth and exhibitor performance metrics. Demographic reports detail buyer positions, professions and interests for a clear picture of potential exhibitor ROI.

Service… of Course!

The best service in the industry underpins everything we do at CDS and exhibitor services is no exception. We understand that while most exhibitors’ goals are similar, all their needs are different …and when your exhibitors succeed, everyone wins. Through the whole event cycle, your exhibitors are supported by our professional, in-house contact center reps, account managers, onsite services managers and technical specialists–all dedicated to providing exceptional service.

You CAN Please Everyone

Exhibition managers and exhibitors have the same desire—an exhibit hall filled with qualified buyers eager to network and purchase. Get your exhibitors on your team with opportunities for them to find prospects, invite customers and build show buzz—it’s a real-life win-win situation.

Making It Even Easier

After filling your event with qualified prospects, guarantee that your exhibitors get their maximum ROI. Help exhibitors build their contact lists with automatic tools that remind attendees which booths they visited, hands-free email follow-up—still the highest response rates—and attendee lists to find the next big customer they missed onsite.

Bringin’ It Full Circle

Analytics, mobile technology and social media have brought sweeping changes to our industry, and there is plenty more to come. Our clients are forging a tighter relationship between registration and lead retrieval as well as between attendees and exhibitors using tools and integrations that recognize the universal event goal of connecting with high quality information, people and experiences. Our Account Executives and Exhibitor Services Managers are eager to show you some of the ground-breaking opportunities that are bringing attendees and exhibitors together.