Geo Attendance Map


A worldwide view of your event audience.

Geo Attendance Map

Engage your attendees and show them the broad appeal of your show with Geo Attendance Map, the program which graphically displays a world-wide view of your event audience. The interactive tool displays both a map of the United States, and of the world with states and countries highlighted to indicate the volume of participants from every location.

Attendees roll over states and countries on a touchscreen monitor to view the number of participants from each, and can dig down to see the list of attendees from specific areas. The large, easy-to-understand interface of the Geo Attendance Map can be deployed in kiosks or cyber cafes onsite, and can also be linked from the event website or the CDS Registration Resource Center.


  • Easy to deploy and set-up
  • Works with any CDS event database—custom, eReg, Inquiry
  • Works on any sized monitor
  • Works on touch-screen monitors
  • Show management chooses which attendee information to display
  • Ability to filter location results
  • Customized color scheme to match the event brand
  • Works online, on the onsite network, or free-standing
  • Internet and network connectivity allow real-time attendee counts

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