Access Intelligence Seeks to Understand Event Data

March 21, 2019

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Access Intelligence (AI) is a leading worldwide information and marketing company that provides unparalleled business intelligence and integrated marketing solutions in nearly a dozen global market sectors. SATELLITE unites aerospace thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, engineers, end users, and enthusiasts together in one place for the largest and most important global satellite technology event of the year. Held in Washington, D.C., more than 15,000 professionals converge, visiting the 350 exhibits that offer the latest technological advancements in the market.


AI’s challenge was to find a business intelligence tool that consolidated data from all events into a centralized framework, offered flexibility, and allowed for in-depth analysis. The goal for AI was to adjust marketing campaigns based on data analysis. Targeted campaigns would be initiated to increase attendance at the show.


Data Sense® is the Convention Data Services (CDS) business intelligence platform that helps show managers visualize, analyze, and understand event data. Using Data Sense, AI analyzed data to build a comprehensive picture and present information in a wide array of graphic formats. Show management staff received training on how to best use this tool to meet the defined challenges.

Data Analyzed to Adjust Marketing Campaigns

For three weeks (seven weeks out to five weeks out from the event), SATELLITE attendee revenue was on par or only slightly above the previous year. In order to meet budget expectations,
revenue needed to exceed 2017.

AI Determines Shortfalls

Revenues and registrations were reviewed for the past two shows to determine shortfalls. Data was filtered by registration type and demographics.

Registration Types

  • Compared year-over-year revenue from conference, exhibit hall only, exhibitor conference, and booth personnel.


  • Compared year-over-year revenue by market at five weeks to determine shortfall.
  • Reviewed revenue by market in 2017 at five weeks out through onsite.
  • Compared year-over-year revenue by geography at five weeks out to identify regions for campaign focus.
  • Identified geographic locations that brought in 2017 revenue at five weeks out through onsite.
  • Compared year-over-year revenue for first time attendees.

Based on the data that was analyzed, AI reached out to partners to increase their promotional campaigns. Initiatives that were successful in the previous year were implemented. AI initiated a focused campaign to reach the registration types and markets that were behind target results.


A variety of insightful information was provided through Data Sense and used to create targeted marketing campaigns. Using Data Sense, show management was able to see a complete picture of the event data and drill down for specific results and detailed information. Data was analyzed to improve decision making, identify new opportunities, and create targeted marketing campaigns. As a result, attendee revenue started outpacing 2017 at three weeks out and ended five percent above budget and 11 percent ahead of 2017.