American Thoracic Society Contracts with CDS to Provide Beacon Technology at ATS 2017

May 2, 2017

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The American Thoracic Society (ATS) has selected Convention Data Services (CDS), their trusted registration partner, to provide beacon technology for the society’s annual conference, ATS 2017. ( CDS will provide the 16,000 ATS 2017 attendees and exhibitors with smart badges that include wireless beacons to provide information on session attendance, exhibit hall traffic, activity in satellite locations and attendance at special functions. Registration data from the event is integrated with the beacon technology on a real-time basis, which will give ATS rich insights into attendee activity and patterns.

According to Stephen Crane, PhD, Executive Director at ATS, “Beacon technology is a way for ATS to assure that we can deliver the most relevant and useful knowledge to the participants at our meeting at the time and place that is most appropriate for different categories of attendees. We look forward to increasing the value of our meeting for those who attend now and in the future.”

With the data collected and real-time reporting, ATS will have the opportunity to see activity during their event and gain a better understanding of how attendees are utilizing the resources provided by the conference. The graphic dashboard with heat maps and charts will easily allow the show management team to access the data and view results at a glance. The result will be a wealth of information that will help in the creation of new content for next year’s event, marketing promotions, sponsorship opportunities and ideas to attract and engage attendees. For this event, CDS will partner with Panvista ( to provide ATS with the beacon technology.

“Our mission at CDS is to deliver innovative products and services to our clients who look to us for recommendations and new solutions to accomplish their strategic event objectives. Offering beacon technology to our show management clients will accomplish this by providing another means to capture relevant event data for analysis. By identifying trends, ATS will have the ability to create a dynamic experience for their conference attendees and engage in a more personal way,” says John Kimball, President and CEO, Convention Data Services.

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