Geo Attendance Map Offers a Worldwide View of Audience

April 29, 2019

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METALCON is the largest international event in the metal construction industry and the only annual tradeshow and conference devoted entirely to the application of metal in industrial, institutional, light commercial, and residential projects. The show’s success is based on three key components: exhibits, interactive education, and unlimited networking opportunities. METALCON is produced by PSMJ Resources, Inc. and sponsored by The Metal Construction Association.


The challenges for METALCON were to drive traffic onsite to the booth, engage attendees while at the booth, and create sponsorship opportunities.


Geo Attendance Map was set up in METALCON’s show management booth for the first time this year. The map is an interactive tool created by Convention Data Services (CDS) to engage attendees and demonstrate a show’s global appeal. Maps of the United States and the world are displayed. States and countries are shaded to indicate the volume of participants from every location.

Staff had the opportunity to easily interact with visitors through this conversation piece. While Geo Attendance Map can be placed anywhere, show management strategically positioned the map in the METALCON booth to drive traffic for extended networking opportunities and to greet visitors.


Geo Attendance Map allowed METALCON to meet their challenges as evidenced by visitors enjoying the interactive map experience while networking with staff for longer periods of time.

Interact with attendees and exhibitors
While playing with the interactive map, PSMJ’s president was very interested to know where international registrants were coming from, particularly in Australia, because he was attending a conference there soon. METALCON was visually able to quickly identify the home country of all attendees. Previously, METALCON was aware of the geographic areas where the show had the strongest following, but Geo Attendance Map brought up discussion points on areas where the show might be located in the future.