IMTS Strives To Reduce Registration Footprint

July 18, 2019

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The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is the largest and longest running manufacturing technology trade show in the United States and held every other year in Chicago, IL. IMTS attracts visitors from every level of industry and more than 117 countries. IMTS is owned and managed by AMT, The Association for Manufacturing Technology.

Since IMTS is such an enormous event, the ongoing challenge to achieve quick and easy check-in by effectively managing the high number of visitors. Since registration is the first stop for tradeshow attendees, it was imperative that the registration unit was very attractive and intuitive. IMTS desired having modern and sophisticated registration areas that provided visitors with outstanding event experiences.

Convention Data Services created Reg Stands— custom designed and manufactured onsite registration units that provided IMTS with a highly efficient and modern self-check-in solution. All onsite registration functionality was combined into a single station housing a touch screen tablet, scanner, and card swipe—replacing the laptop, mouse, scanner, and card swipe on countertops.

Reg Stands were mounted on a pillar that centralized and hid all the wiring cables, which presented a clean and refined look and allowed the enclosure to be mounted on counters, in kiosks, or on walls. The stations can display event or sponsor branding using vinyl or non-adhesive stickers that stand out on the white finish.

Onsite registration was designed with IMTS’s goal of reducing the show’s registration footprint. Four registration areas were setup, each with a customized layout and design. All areas were designed with a different strategic objective and to attract and check-in visitors in a speedy and modern manner. Reg Stands were used in all four areas along with Line Busters—no other traditional registration options were available for check-in. The check-in process was 100 percent self-service and offered all amenities, including processing credit card payments.

Feedback from visitors at IMTS was extremely positive regarding the look and ease of use. As a tech show, IMTS continuously strives for ways to be inventive, and Reg Stands were a tech-driven solution that enhanced the onsite service. Attendees were drawn to the Reg Stands because they are sleek, self-contained, and intuitive to use. Response was favorable due to the modern design and speed of check in.