LRP Implements eReg Program for Onsite Events and Webinars

December 1, 2017

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LRP Publications is a broad-based media company serving business and education professionals. Specializing in the fields of education administration, education law, education technology, federal employment, human resources, workers compensation and disability, and ergonomics, the thriving company publishes hundreds of books, pamphlets, newsletters, magazines, videos, and online resources.

In addition, LRP holds 11 specialty events that are onsite events, plus 30 to 40 webinars annually. LRP is a fast-growing company and sought a registration partner with the expertise, technology, and resources to handle registration not only for the large events but also for webinars and onsite events. The goal was to have a registration solution allowing LRP to have events of all types and sizes on a single platform.

Convention Data Services (CDS) eReg streamlined the registration and reporting process for a portfolio of events with varied sizes. The self-service registration product presents the same branding, registration, real-time updates, and access to reports as the full-service event registration system. Attendees are comfortable working with a system they recognize since eReg looks and operates the same as the full-service registration system used for LRP’s larger events.

Comprehensive reporting and business analysis is available in XPress Reports and Data Sense®. Full-service and eReg events use the same database structure, so all reporting functionality is identical. Maintenance tasks can be performed around the clock within eReg, and all changes are immediately posted to the live website, allowing for real-time analysis.

A variety of results were achieved by LRP after implementing eReg. Turnaround for setting up events was very fast. Badge printing could be done onsite or at the office. Additionally, eReg provided LRP with the ability to set up multiple events on the same day.