NCEA Implements Online Registration

November 1, 2017

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The NCEA (National Catholic Education Association) Convention & Expo is the largest private education association gathering in the nation. Participants include more than 8,000 Catholic school teachers, superintendents, principals, presidents, and board members. Featured at the event are 250 professional development sessions, carefully prepared daily liturgies, networking opportunities, and an Expo Hall showcasing 260 of the latest educational products and services.

With 8,000 attendees and 260 exhibitors, NCEA had a high volume of registration forms. Due to the substantial quantity of forms, data processing turnaround times were between three and five days. This created delays in generating real-time data such as actual number of completed registrations, actual registration revenue, and actual session counts. NCEA’s challenge was to optimize technology so registration reporting information would be available online and in real-time.

Convention Data Services (CDS) worked with NCEA to create an online registration process. Our Contact Center offered support with all aspects of the registration process. An online registration plan was implemented to eliminate printed forms. All registrations were done electronically through attendee and exhibitor web pages to achieve the desired results.

Detailed real-time reporting can be generated through XPress Reports. By moving away from printed registration forms to online registration, NCEA improved real-time attendance numbers. Becoming more efficient allowed time and expense savings, so funds could be reallocated to the event.

In 2013, CDS processed approximately half of total registrations manually. After developing a focused effort for online registration, approximately 90 percent of registrations were electronic in 2014. Based on this success, NCEA opted to no longer have a printed registration form, and all registrations were electronic in 2015 and 2016.

Assisted Registration 2013-2016
In 2013, CDS Contact Center processed 4,142 assisted entries (fax, mail, and client methods). In 2014, CDS Contact Center processed 656 assisted entries. In 2015 and 2016, registration was 100 percent electronic—there were no assisted entries.

Exclusive online registration benefits for NCEA include:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Attendees see the most current event information
  • Eliminates lag time or delays with entries
  • Improves overall data integrity because attendees are responsible for data input
  • Replaces hard-to-read paper forms
  • Provides immediate email confirmation
  • Offers attendees access into sessions before selling out
  • Business logic assists with auto packaging items
  • Environmentally friendly