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Text messaging has long surpassed other methods of communication when a user is looking for a real-time response. CDS X•Press Text Messaging system gives show management this direct communication channel onsite with their entire event audience from attendees and exhibitors to staff and vendors.

X•Press Text Messaging has a Conversations module for one-to-one texting as well as an Alerts module for sending notifications to groups.

Show operators access a browser-based portal to manage questions and requests that are submitted by attendees through an advertised event phone number. Conversations are tracked for reporting and operators can draw from a list of predefined responses for the most commonly asked questions. Operators are also able to manage conversations on the fly from their tablet or phone and include other operators and staff in conversations that may require specific expertise.

The Alerts module is a one-of-a-kind tool for keeping your audience up-to-speed on event changes in real-time. Operators quickly define a group by selecting registration types and/or items purchased (e.g. sessions), type their message and send it out. Unlike mobile show guides, a PA system or digital signage, every attendee will instantly be alerted with a notification about event announcements, schedule updates, or important, last-minute changes.

Collecting cell phone numbers and the required opt-in is included as part of registration. Participants can also call or text the system to opt-in onsite.

In addition to providing the service to many of our clients, CDS also runs X•Press Text Messaging in support of our lead retrieval services and experiences first-hand how exhibitors have embraced the real-time access to our onsite staff. Ask your Account Executive how X•Press Text Messaging can bring your communication and customer satisfaction to new heights.

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