Show Pro: Add to Calendar


Make sure your attendees are dedicating their time to your event.  By setting aside time on their calendars, attendees are less likely to work through your event or double book themselves.  You can maximize both event and session attendance by using Show Pro’s iCal feature.

New in Show Pro, and existing in your full-service events, the iCal feature is a great option for your virtual event, too.  Easily setup a calendar reminder that can be downloaded from the final step of registration and from an email confirmation.  In each location, attendees can download a calendar widget to mark the duration of the event and the time/date of the individual sessions they registered for.  The calendar will automatically insert session and event reminders set to the right time zone.  Also, reminders 15 minutes before sessions and events take place are built in to the feature.

Start seeing more people in your events by utilizing this feature now. Contact your Account Executive for more information.