Build versatile registration pages for smaller and specialty events.
Launch and update a full-featured, dynamic registration site in less time than you thought possible with Show Pro—the next generation registration builder.

Any Type of Event

Show Pro is designed to handle any type or size event from smaller, local events to full-blown conferences with exhibit halls. No matter your event’s needs, it’s a simple and quick process to get up and running and start registering attendees.

Grow Your Audience

Collect comprehensive information about attendees with simple drag and drop form fields—or define your own.
  • Full contact details
• Demographic questions
• Unlimited registration classes

Sell Your Items

Sell a single ticket to attend the event or define multiple items and sell them to specific registration classes. Offer discounts to certain groups using promo codes.
  • Set quotas, price tiers and discounts
• Use promo codes to reward users and groups
• Manage payments through a secure, encrypted system

Analyze Your Success

Show Pro is integrated with CDS’ advanced reporting system—XPress Reports. Run standard reports from the pre-defined library or create custom reports by selecting fields from the registration database and adding your filters.
  • XPress Reports standardized reports and lists
• Report Builder for designing your own reports
• Traffic Tracking with Google, Facebook or any custom code

Take It to the Next Level

Add powerful plugs-in for attendee convenience like Google Translate and the attendance builder Invite-a-Colleague. When you’re ready for next year, quickly copy your previous event, tweak it and you’re up and running in minutes.

Ease of Use

Ease-of-use is the cornerstone of Show Pro. Administrators can drag and drop predefined contact and profile fields or define their own custom fields. Items can be defined with price tiers, targeted at specific registration classes, and contain assigned discounts and promo codes. Upload items, pricing, discounts, and registration classes to populate your event in seconds. Pages are posted as the site is built, giving the ability to preview in real-time and make refinements along the way.

Add-on Options

Badge printing: Add the CDS badge print program and order custom preprinted badges, lanyards, and holders.

Exhibitor lead retrieval: Allow exhibitors to scan badges with our full-featured lead retrieval app, Requires purchase of CDS badging.

Session tracking: Keep track of attendee session participation for CME credits and participation analytics.


  • Contact information: Drag and drop predefined and definable fields.
  • Demographics: Enter question type, question, and responses.
  • Emails: Multiple confirmations with pre-formatted receipt and custom copy.
  • Registration categories: Define registration classes, assign emails, and require demographics.
  • Web analytics: Third-party tracking scripts such as Google Tag Manager.
  • Items: Set quotas, price tiers, discounts, and promo codes.
  • Payment: Select payment method.
  • Plug-ins: Activate third-party (such as Google translate) and CDS
    enhancements (including register guests and Invite-a-Colleague).
  • Design: Select a layout, upload graphics, choose colors, and add custom text.

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