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CDS Spotlight: Meet Juan Prieto, Onsite Services Manager

Juan Prieto, also known as JP, is an Onsite Services Manager (OSM) at CDS and a seasoned professional with more than two decades of experience in the events industry. Let’s dive into Juan’s rich experiences, diverse interests, and his journey at CDS.

Q. Juan, could you share a bit about your background and where you’ve lived?

Juan Prieto (JP): I was born in Cuba, raised in Spain until the age of 5, and eventually settled in Orange County, California, specifically Buena Park.  

Q: Beyond work, what are some of your interests and passions? 

JP: I have lots of different interests. I have a hidden talent for playing the piano. I enjoy volunteering with the Ryan White Project. Additionally, I’m pursuing a solo certificate for my private pilot’s license. I have been a scuba diver for over two decades, obtained a sailing license, and have explored various parts of the world. My favorite vacation spot is the island Bonaire. 

Q: Why did you join CDS? 

JP: A friend who had been in the industry for five years had joined CDS. He assured me that CDS was a family and treated their employees as such. I found this was TRUE!  

Q: What are you passionate about as far as your role and career, and what does success mean to you? 

JP: Our work as OSMs is dynamic, and every show is a unique experience. Success, to me, is putting in an honest day’s work while enjoying the company of my fellow colleagues/friends. 

Q: Could you share more about your experience in the events industry and your background before joining CDS?

JP: I’ve dedicated 20 years to the events industry, always in the capacity of an OSM. Before this, my career began as a Junior Mechanical Engineer at the Department of Defense, working at the Pentagon, then at El Segundo Air Force Base in Los Angeles for Space Command under the Director of Space Communications for the Reagan Administration. After the DoD, I worked on a task force in Bushwick, Brooklyn, for many years. I finally met the love of my life in Boston, where I moved over 28 years ago, and found myself by chance in the events industry.  

Q: What sets CDS apart in terms of technology, products, or processes compared to your previous experiences? 

JP: Prior to CDS, I worked with another registration company. It was no comparison. CDS approaches each event by providing a team that is compatible with the clients’ goals and objectives. Our technology is always progressing and is customizable. This sets us apart from all other registration companies. CDS’ familial approach to its employees fosters loyalty and commitment. This is evident to our clients and partners. 

Q: What other specialized skills or background do you bring to your role as an OSM? 

JP: My approach to each and every show remains consistent—provide excellent service, dedication to success, and represent CDS in the best possible light by my actions and convictions. As a 32-degree Freemason, my values and commitment to charity guide me to conduct myself in a professional and productive manner.  

Q: What’s the largest show you’ve managed in terms of attendees, and the most badges printed at a single show? 

JP: I’ve successfully managed shows hosting over 50,000 attendees with a home team of 14, alongside over 80 temps, leading to a successful conclusion. 

Q: Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you? 

JP: I wear my heart on my sleeve, and check my ego at the door. I am the first to arrive, and the last to leave, and I do not leave until the work is done, without reserve. 

Juan Prieto embodies dedication, expertise, and a genuine commitment to excellence that we all aspire to at CDS. His multifaceted background and experiences, coupled with his unwavering dedication to service, make him a valued colleague, mentor, and friend at CDS.  

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