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Attract and convert more qualified prospects for your event.

Build buzz throughout the industry, discover new prospects and enlist your loyal participants to increase overall attendance. CDS’ acquisition solutions leverage the power of data and social to bring your message directly to your audience instead of making them look for you.  From social integrations to complete audience building programs, CDS’ acquisition solutions will grow your attendance and revenue.

While registration provides the data foundation for all of our products, it is only the starting point of CDS’ comprehensive event management solutions. 

Audience Builders

Expand your reach with highly qualified attendees and exhibitors.

Technology has opened up powerful avenues for reaching an ever-increasing audience for your event.  Unlike the past, where the event team was responsible for all event promotion, your returning participants have become your best salespeople.  CDS has the social tools that enable your attendees and exhibitors to fill your venue with new faces.

  • Attendance Builder – Targeted marketing campaigns focused on your best audience segments. This marketing program identifies specific prospect groups and provides email templates with targeted messaging and offers.
  • Exhibitor Emails – Exhibitors invite their clients and prospects in a co-branded email that gets results. Easy-to-use for exhibitors and automatically manages reporting, SPAM compliance and scheduling.
  • Invite-a-Colleague – Direct email invitations from attendees to their industry contacts with a personal message is a recommendation that gets attention.
  • Invite-a-Customer and VIP Invitations – Direct email invitations from exhibitors to prospects and customers puts qualified buyers on the show floor. Add VIP features including promotional codes and reporting.


Turning interest into registrations.

Most people don’t arrive at a buying decision after a single view of your brand.  Ongoing and compelling reasons to attend your event make the difference.   CDS has a host of automated programs including abandonment emails, outgoing phone campaigns and upselling during registration that turn prospects into customers.

  • Email Blasts – Customized and responsive email blasts for any subject, situation or audience segment. A hands-free experience for you as our email programmers assemble an email perfectly in sync with your image, message and marketing goals.
  • Abandonment Follow-up – Bring your most qualified audience back for an easy finish to their partial registration. An email is sent the following day to prospects who started but did not complete registration or a purchase.
  • Auto-Dialer – Outgoing phone messages for registration, upsells and reminders—still one of the most effective promotional channels.


Strengthen your connections and create year-round engagement.

Let your loyal attendees know how important they are with products and promotions designed to make their event experience personalized and streamlined.  Promotions, targeted messaging and simple courtesies like prefilling forms all add up to long-term customer loyalty.

  • Inquiry Pages – Get people pre-registered for next year’s event when interest is at its peak—during this year’s event. Mobile and online sign-up for attendees and prospects to receive event and registration updates throughout the year.
  • Alumni and Membership – Special features and offers built into our products to reward important relationships. Leverage what you know about your event audience to give them an experience tailored just for them.
  • Promotions and Discounts – deploy effective campaigns for targeted audience segments based on clear, fresh data.

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