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all of your audience’s needs without ever losing sight of what is truly important—the people.



Now that you’ve got their attention—keep them Engaged!

As your attraction efforts pay off and interest turns into registrations, bring each participant farther into your event experience with custom content, useful resources and relevant communication.  Registration is where your event’s relationship starts with many attendees, get them immediately immersed in your brand, learning about your show and customizing their attendance goals.

While registration provides the data foundation for all of our products, it is only the starting point of CDS’ comprehensive event management solutions. 


Capture, qualify and quantify your audience.

We make the process simple for the user and fully customized for managers.  Our registration platform drives all of our interconnected products for a smooth, cohesive and personalized experience for registrants.  The advanced platform creates, manages and monitors the entire CDS event package while allowing for virtually unlimited customization.

  • Custom Registration – Our custom registration pages are the result of the industry’s most powerful and flexible system for creating versatile, yet user-friendly desktop and mobile websites. If you can imagine it, we can build it!
  • All Types of Registration – Separate registration forms for each audience type keeps the experience personalized and your data accurate. The same powerful platform that customizes the attendee experience creates unique forms for all of your registration classes—media, exhibitors, membership, etc.
  • Function Room Reservations – Stay in control and make it easy for sponsors and exhibitors to plan their networking meetings at your event. Show your affiliates the function spaces available, collect their requests, and easily manage the approval process.
  • Show Pro® – Build your own custom registration pages in one sitting. A complete site with promotional codes, registration classes, email confirmations and the site brand can be created and edited live online.


Manage the attendee experience.

Your event has so much to offer, sometimes too much for attendees to handle in one visit. We make it easy for registrants to keep on top of their records, find new opportunities and fully explore your event.

  • Upsells – Show your attendees all the opportunities at your event and help them find what interests them most. If they missed it during registration, let them know about it, so they can add it.
  • Registration Resource Center – The online portal for attendees to manage their event experience. Receipts, upsells, networking and socializing all in a single spot.
  • Exhibitor Resource Center – Put your exhibitors on an early path to onsite success with networking and invitation opportunities. The exhibitor version of the registration portal with an emphasis on building booth traffic and ROI.
  • Contact Center – There is support, and there is GREAT support—find out what a big difference it makes! Event specific phone, text and chat from our in-house professionals.


Communicate your message.

“Don’t make me work, tell me what I need to know!”  There is a right channel for every message and each individual—make sure your audience gets the information they need delivered the way they are going to see it.

  • Alerts & Notifications – Deliver important information to your attendees’ mobile device where it will be seen immediately. Texting with the ability to create groups, preload messages, schedule and analyze results.
  • Text Message Conversations – One-on-one customer support made easy for your staff. This straight-forward texting solution packs a huge punch for your onsite service.
  • Promotional Emails – Email is still the most cost effective method of promotion. Our emails have unlimited possibilities for your design and relevant messages that increase individual participation.
  • Marketing Support – You have data, we’ve got data—let us help you segment, target and drive success with all of your marketing initiatives. Share your unique event features and get people involved using modern marketing techniques.

Find out how to interact with people at your event