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all of your audience’s needs without ever losing sight of what is truly important—the people.



Interact with attendees using the latest tools to build loyalty.

Personalize every attendee’s experience and reach them on any platform. We combine your attendee data with industry leading technology to deliver feature rich and memorable interactions that get each member of your audience fully engaged in your event.

While registration provides the data foundation for all of our products, it is only the starting point of CDS’ comprehensive event management solutions.


Keep your education on track.

Education is a huge component of most events and the primary reason many attend.  CDS’ educational tools streamline the entire process from initial registration through full onsite support.  You can actively manage and track session participation in real-time while providing hands-free confirmation and certification after the fact.

  • Tracker – Control access to sessions and accurately track participation anywhere onsite. The mobile handheld unit works in real-time or with a preloaded list and allows new participants to be added on the fly.
  • CME/CEU Certification – Register, track and verify your continuing education initiatives. The simple and accurate self-serve system allows attendees to print their certificates onsite or anywhere they are online.
  • Webinars and Videos – While not part of your educational program, we do all we can to ensure your audience gets the most out of our products and services as well as your event. Our webinars and engaging product videos are available online and linked from all the places your audience frequents.


Make meaningful connections and build your network.

Connecting with people and information is the primary mission of both attendees and exhibitors onsite.  CDS provides the tools to help your audience discover, locate and create the right connections.

  • Lead Retrieval – We have the most advanced lead retrieval solutions and management for exhibitors. Learn more about everything we can do to help your exhibitors.
  • Exhibit Tracker – Keep attendees interacting with exhibitors after they meet onsite with a personalized rundown of their exhibit hall interactions. All attendees receive an email linked to a personalized portal that has details and links for the exhibitors that scanned their badge onsite.
  • Networking – Give your attendees what they really want by allowing them to explore and connect with the most relevant people and companies. The secure online portal allows for anonymous networking with the option to share and schedule appointments when two people make a connection.


Knowledge is power… turbo charge your event!

Put all your information at your attendee’s fingertips and show them the wide appeal of your event with tools that grab their attention and answer their questions.

  • Geo Attendance Map – Show attendees your world-wide appeal using interactive maps linked from your website, or on the big screen at the event. We pull the registration data to create a US and world view of your attendees and exhibiting companies with a drilldown list for each locale.
  • Cyber Café – Let your attendees connect onsite with their email, office and the world. Setup Cyber Cafés anywhere and include charging stations to keep everyone online.

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