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all of your audience’s needs without ever losing sight of what is truly important—the people.



Organize all of your efforts to work in harmony.

Many vendors and moving parts need to come together for a successful event.  CDS integrates, socializes and tracks your entire event cycle to make sure you deliver a coordinated, seamless and memorable experience to every attendee.

While registration provides the data foundation for all of our products, it is only the starting point of CDS’ comprehensive event management solutions.


Integrate elegantly.

Over the years, CDS has integrated with hundreds of our clients’ industry partners all with the goal to create a cohesive and smooth attendee experience.  From simple data exchanges to full-blown shared interfaces, CDS has probably already worked with your vendors.

  • CDS Bridge – Our versatile API unleashes the power of registration data for your vendor partners. In order to work with any provider, we created a comprehensive structure for fast and consistent integrations. We are always looking for the latest opportunities for our clients including adding beacons with analytics and wearables in 2016.
  • Housing – Integrations started with housing for us and we have evolved to have some of the tightest integrations with the biggest providers. Housing reservations and receipts are built into registration and tracked in our X•Press Reports system.
  • Import/Export (CRM, Membership) – Specific integrations for the membership and CRM tools you rely on day-to-day. Scheduled or in real-time, reap the benefits of consistent data across the board.


Personalize each touchpoint.

Keeping track of attendees is where it all began for CDS.  Checking people in onsite, getting them a badge and providing appropriate access has always been part of our services.  While we have streamlined and perfected these processes, we always remember this is where face-to-face attendee service starts.

  • Check-in – A smooth start onsite has attendees ready to jump right in. Get attendees checked-in and participating with one-step check-in, mobile Line Busters, satellite stations and badge printing.
  • Badges – All the styles, full color, pre-printed, remote and onsite, green options, tickets, photo IDs… if it goes through a printer, we’ve probably done it.
  • Tracker – Check-in, control access, count participation and verify attendance with a single mobile solution. Tracker can be loaded on the mobile check-in equipment you already have onsite!


Friending, following, sharing and connecting.

Some things are really as amazing as they are hyped up to be. Social media is one of those things for our industry.  Events are the pinnacle of networking and interaction and social media is a perfect fit. All events need to expand and build relationships with their audiences and modern socializing is the right approach—particularly when attracting the next generation of attendees.

  • Social Media (Commercial) – The programs that are changing the way we communicate applied to growing your event. We integrate the power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others into your attendance building efforts.
  • Socialization (Event Vendors) – Integrations with our industry’s most effective social and news apps. We’ll help you tap into the growing list of event-specific social vendors to add unique appeal to your event.
  • Connections – Get everyone onsite networking and exchanging information with mobile opportunities for both exhibitors and attendees.

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