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all of your audience’s needs without ever losing sight of what is truly important—the people.



Understand the data for the insight to identify opportunities and act faster.

Big Data can also be a big headache without the proper tools to understand it.  CDS has fixed this problem by turning your raw information into business intelligence as a foundation for solid decision making.

While registration provides the data foundation for all of our products, it is only the starting point of CDS’ comprehensive event management solutions.


Be a know-it-all.

Data is pouring into your event from every direction and we’re capturing it all.  You get real-time access to complete reporting and management capabilities, while our financial and data analysts prepare a detailed but concise review of your event.

  • CDS Hub – Gain single sign-on access to all of CDS’ registration, management and analytics tools from a single dashboard.
  • X•Press Reports – Everything reporting in one portal. Standardized reports, user-defined reports, Report Builder, vendor reports, scheduling, sharing and customizing all together.
  • Event Admin – Real-time access to registrants and revenue. Administrative access to manage all of your CDS event data.
  • Final Reports – The complete, reconciled and verified picture of your entire event. Post event, our team pulls together the most pertinent information as the final word on your event.


Comprehend actionable data.

The power of data lies in its ability to help you understand your current situation and map a course towards achieving your goals.  CDS has taken the information we collect on your behalf and created an environment to put your data to work.

  • Data Sense® – CDS’ advanced business intelligence tool that integrates data from across your events and products into a centralized framework for real-time reporting and actionable analysis.
  • Promo Codes – Track your audience from prospecting to onsite and learn what is working and why. Promotional codes are a versatile tool for enhancing reporting accuracy and insight.
  • CDS Marketing Analysis – Throughout the entire event-cycle, our products and services are designed to build your market share. Your CDS event team is constantly exploring creative ideas to leverage your data in all aspects of your event.


Identify opportunities and trends.

When you’re looking for answers, ask the right person.  Polling your audience to learn their likes and dislikes often provides the best suggestions for keeping your event fresh and always provides the best hands on perspective.

  • Surveys – From overall event impressions to activity-specific reviews, participant feedback paints the clearest picture. Surveys can be browser or mobile-based and have an array of reporting capabilities.
  • Audience Polling – Keep attendees engaged and discussions relevant in real-time. Audience polling equipment and apps let the audience truly be part of the conversation.
  • Heat Maps – Understand the traffic patterns and hot spots on your exhibit floor. Use the report to make layout decisions, adjust pricing and prove exhibitor ROI.