Exhibition Show Managers


Exhibition Managers

On the exhibit floor, it’s all about connecting buyers and sellers.  Sales happen 1000 different ways, but your job as the exhibition manager is to fill your hall with qualified buyers and satisfied exhibitors.  Getting the right combination onsite is half the challenge, making sure your attendees and exhibitors get exactly what they came for completes the picture.

Get business booming before, during and after your event:

  • Invitations and Recommendations
  • Successful Lead Collection
  • Connecting Attendees to Exhibitors

Invitations and Recommendations

  • Invite-a-Customer
  • VIP Invitations
  • Exhibitor Emails
  • Social and Networking

Successful Lead Collection

  • Mobile Lead Retreival
  • Customizing Interactions
  • Follow-up and Closing the Deal

Connecting Attendees to Exhibitor

  • Exhibit Tracker